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Quick Details

Automatic Slingshot Ages 25+ • 2 Person Capacity
R Model Slingshot (5-Speed Manual) Ages 25+ • 2 Person Capacity

Sling more, spend less! The ALL YOU CAN DRIVE SPECIAL is designed to save you money while not making your rental feel rushed.


  • Pick up anytime starting at 10am and bring back by 9pm! For an additional $60 you can keep overnight! Must return by 10am.
  • Enjoy the day and return the slingshot at your convenience. Remember, you don’t have to keep it till 9pm. You can drop off anytime before 9pm.


  • 2-Seater driving boundaries: Galveston County, Bolivar Peninsula, and Surfside Beach/Freeport. (Call for special request)
  • Must be at least 25 to rent.
  • Must have valid Driver’s License.
  • Slingshots are NOT ALLOWED on any beaches or off-road surfaces. Please stay away from the sand.
  • Comes with full tank of gas. Must return with full tank. (Premium gas only)
  • All Slingshots come equipped with GPS trackers and engine disablers.
  • Minimum age for a passenger is 5 years old.
  • All Slingshots have 2 storage compartments and glove box.
  • All Slingshots have Bluetooth audio.
  • Helmets provided.


  • $500 deposit (cash or card)
  • All U.S. driver’s and foreign driver’s licenses accepted.
  • Liability, comp. & collision insurance coverage is included with rental w/$1500 damage deductible. (If you wreck, break, or mess up something on the slingshot you are responsible for up to $1500 in damages)
249 special